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Downloads Page

Here below are backup downloads of my Youtube videos and other important documents. You can also find a list of my crypto deposit addresses for those who want to send me a gift.

My Crypto deposit addresses are listed below. The Lord told me to make them available. These are if you want to freely give me a gift. God bless you. Christopher.

Bitcoin (BTC):  bc1qwg869trlsjzghff4wvgynezejr437574ps3pkx

Ethereum (ETH): 0xD982D3d4ae397F8A80a65b0f4148be1dEABA7260

Litecoin (LTC):  LKX3vsHGPeQLgYdzWuqZWh12RyWogdv1M4

Ripple (XRP):  rKKYhHGFKBbSogJZCiqKUn2LRJ6kiM9BuJ     (no tag required)


Luna Classic (LUNC):  terra1ejf44ceclf7tvj6tygwxekfs05sldz5zv77nxv     (no memo required)


A list of cryptocurrency and other prophetic dreams I have received from God: “Prophetic Dreams – Christopher Harris 11.11.2023” PDF document 1MB 

Telegram Group where I post updated dreams/visions – JESUSisLORD – Christopher Harris – Prophetic Dreams & Visions   

Telegram group for my JESUSisLORD LUNC Validator dealing with validator and governance topics.

Below are download links for the of my material that I have made. You can download my videos and documents and keep a copy and a record for yourself. I made this backup page encase my Youtube channel is taken down.

The downloads are in MP3 (audio) and MP4 (audio and video), depending, and you can put these on your phone to listen to. You can also find my videos on my Youtube channel JESUSisLORD 

Youtube videos:

Date is written day/month/year (Australian). Simply click the link or copy and paste the links into your browser to download.

25/2/2024 – Update: LUNC Validators and Continuing God’s Mission for me 22m 155MB MP4

5/4/2023 – Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+ 19m 132MB MP4

26/2/2023 – 12 Epic LUNC Prophetic Dreams from God 26m 158MB MP4

23/2/2023 – JESUSisLORD Validator Roadmap – Vision for Luna Classic (LUNC) 31m 210MB MP4

22/2/2023 – The Righteous Christian Vision for Luna Classic (LUNC) 22m 103MB MP4

7/2/2023 – JESUSisLORD Luna Classic (LUNC) Validator Launched – 10m 68MB MP4

27/7/2022 – Word and Prophecy from the Lord Jesus Christ – LUNC (Luna Classic) 8m 39MB MP4

26/3/2022 – Dreams from God: Poland Attacked, Article 5 Declared, “Constant War into 2023”, Siege of Kiev Lifted 15m 112MB MP4

17/3/2022 – Dreams from the Lord: World War 3 19m 140MB MP4

28/2/2022 – Word from the Lord: “War is About to Break Out” – “Small World War” 13m 94MB MP4

28/1/2022 – Dream: Instruction from God for the Christian Wealth Transfer 12m 84MB MP4

24/1/2022 – Prepare for the BTC Flash Crash, Christian Wealth Transfer and Kingdom Finances 21m 114MB MP4

1/12/2021 – Electroneum (ETN) Dreams, Buy/Sell prices 17m 45MB MP4

25/9/2021 – Dream from God: Electroneum (ETN) to $399 5m 35MB MP4

6/9/2021 – ETN spike to $1, BTC flash crash to zero, position yourself! 14m 34MB MP4

3/4/2021 – Dreams from God: ETN to $0.30 to $0.005, Amazing Wealth Multiplication Potential! 12m 75MB MP4

26/3/2021 – Dreams from God: BTC to 111k, Crash to $0, Gold to $35,000, ETN moves 14m 119MB MP4

20/3/2021 – Dreams from God: Crypto Winter is Coming, BTC crash to $0, BTC to $855,000 AUD 23m 120MB MP4

26/2/2021 – Dream from God: “ETN Moving First”, Electroneum spike to over $1 USD 10m 51MB MP4

23/1/2021 – Dream from God: Electroneum (ETN) to $51 USD, Trump removed fulfilled 5m 57MB MP4

28/9/2020 – Dream: Frequency weapons designed to kill! 5m 79MB MP4

14/9/2020Dream: Warning AGAIN of a Coming Severe Pandemic! Coronavirus Mutation! 9m 126MB MP4

7/9/2020 – Word from God: Please pray for Israel Folau’s safety! 6m 12MB MP4

14/7/2020 – Dream from God: An extremely great tragedy and disaster to strike the USA (and NYC), WARNING! 14m 103MB MP4

7/6/2020 – Dream from God: A much more severe “pandemic” is upon us! 19m 50mb MP4

15/5/2020 – Dreams: STEEL YOURSELF, Buy Meat, Worse Calamity Coming, Loyalty, Purge against Christians 18m 60mb MP4

25/3/2020 – Dreams from God! Scarcity is coming! Coronavirus and the days ahead! 26m 270mb MP4

10/3/2020 – The Coronavirus is the Devil’s poison! Prepare while you can! Dreams from God 42m 135mb MP4

17/11/2019 – OSAS is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 13m 36mb MP4

12/5/2019 – Pray against the darkness 9m 43mb MP4

31/3/2019 – Word from the Lord: “DEFEND YOURSELF…” and “GET STEEL!” 40m 93mb MP4  MP3

22/3/2019 – Crypto dream: BTC to $3,400/$3,600, rise to $4,400 with RDD at $0.0089 (0.89 cents) good RDD rise! 9m 29mb MP4

20/3/2019 – Dream: “USE THE BEST THAT YOU HAVE GOT!” Motivation 23m 59mb MP4

13/2/2019 – Dreams: Seeing Jesus and Dealing with failure 1h 8m 182mb MP4

13/2/2019 – Dreams: The Elect are ready, March 13, Christian’s holding back Satan, Rapture view, Combat 50m 133mb MP4

29/1/2019 – Dreams: Men’s hearts fail in fear seeing what will come, beware demonic power 54m 144mb MP4

24/1/2019 – Dream: The vile evil of antichrist Obama 8m 23mb  MP4

21/1/2019 – Dreams and Discussion: ENDURE! 59m 141mb MP4

12/1/2019 – Dreams: Are you sober taking Caffeine? 13m 35mb MP4

12/1/2019 – Dreams: Zombies using weapons in the tribulation 11m 30mb MP4

12/1/2019 – Dream: Song, abide in the Lord to be a refuge for others 14m 36mb MP4

8/1/2019 – Dream: Market Crash and Bank Bailouts are Coming Again! 16m 43mb MP4

3/1/2019 – Dreams: Eternal Perdition 9/11/2019, AUS VIC Tsunami, Christian’s not serving Jesus, Livestream 22m 60mb MP4

18/12/2018 – The pure spiritual milk of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 1h 56m 303mb MP4

16/12/2018 – Dreams: Rebuking Satan, Physical battle, Nuclear event in Europe! 23m 62mb MP4

7/12/2018 – Dreams: Sinful church, discussion on false teachings and army of the Lord in training! 52m 130mb MP4

27/11/2018 – Word: Help others when war comes, Psalm 27 SPIRITUAL PREPARATION! 6m 16mb MP4

27/11/2018 – Dream: Principality, blind church leaders and increasing demonic attacks! 17m 43mb MP4

27/11/2018- Dream: Defend your homes from demonic attack! 18m 48mb MP4        

27/11/2018 – Dream: Trump, Hillary and other politicians laughing at us all… 5m 13mb MP4

27/11/2018 – Dream: Enemy will release terminator robots to kill, Jesus is the only defense! 13m 35mb MP4

27/11/2018 – Dream: I experienced hell… 21m 51mb MP4

27/11/2018 – Dream: My brethren, aliens are demons! Don’t be deceived! 12m 31mb MP4


21/11/2018 – Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength! 18m 45mb MP4

21/11/2018 – Dreams: Evil in Christians and 4 important lessons! 24m 61mb MP4        

21/11/2018 – IMPORTANT TRUTH AND PREPAREDNESS! 1h 1m 164mb MP4    


14/11/2018 – Crypto dreams: Good entry for Reddcoin (RDD) at 0.15 cents (USD 0.0015) coming soon 17m 44mb MP4

13/11/2018 – Dream: Christians, prepare to take refuge in the wilderness until the return of Jesus Christ! 21m 58mb MP4

12/11/2018 – Dreams: Demon/fallen angel invasion is UNDERWAY! How to fight them 44m 119mb MP4

12/11/2018 – Word: “Defend yourself and your families…” 20m 54mb MP4

12/11/2018 – Prophecy: “Hear of house of Israel, the spoiler comes into your midst…” 5m 13mb MP4

6/11/2018 – Dream: Apologise for the wrongs you have committed or you won’t escape judgment! 10m 28mb MP4

2/11/2018 – Tactics: How to draw near to God and overcome the enemy! 48m 130mb MP4

27/10/2018 – Dream: People in love with the world are standing in a pit of destruction 7m 28mb  MP4

18/10/2018 – Dream: Jesus in battle armour! War and Judgment comes! Repent! 15m 50mb MP4

13/10/2018 – Dream: Plan to remove Trump in as soon as 5 weeks! Call on Jesus and Repent! 20m 52mb MP4

13/10/2018 – Dream: DARKNESS is coming! Wormwood is coming! 20m 53mb MP4

13/10/2018 – Dream: The Lord Jesus is definitely coming for His bride! 8m 54mb MP4

3/10/2018 – Spirit of Eagles prayer livestream 3 October 2018 1h 179mb MP4

29/9/2018 – Dream: Eat the right food to be strong in battle! 29m 76mb MP4                    

14/9/2018 – Dreams: June to Sept, Final Perdition, fake Jesus, refining and more! 2h 335mb MP4

14/9/2018 – Dreams: Celebrity robots, RFID mark of the beast, pollution’s of the world, pray for your loved ones! 38m 100mb MP4

10/9/2018 – Dreams: Demons in the flesh, Christians vs Christians and Christian deception! 56m 150mb MP4

4/9/2018 – OSAS discussion, Warning dream: Teach children/youth in the way of the Lord! Repent! 1h 14m 195mb MP4

29/8/2018 – Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) is a false teaching, dreams Part 2 MP4 1h 20m 210mb

26/8/2018 – Barry Scarborough and other Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) false teachers be warned! 2h 18m MP4 533mb

15/8/2018 – Prayer livestream 58m 167mb MP4

14/8/2018 – Prayer Livestream tomorrow, Dream: “The last day, that is where we are…” 10m 32mb MP4

11/8/2018 – Dream: Death and destruction coming to Israel by Russia and Iran 19m 51mb MP4

10/8/2018 – Dream: Don’t forget to call on JESUS name! Your flesh wont deliver you! 30m 80mb MP4

10/8/2018 – Aliens are demons! Dream: “Alien” deception, beware! 22m 57mb MP4

8/8/2018 – Dreams: Trump removed? Train of judgment, refining dreams and more 1h 157mb MP4

1/8/2018 – Dreams/Word: The intercessory prayers of the saints hold back the darkness  27m 70mb MP4

31/7/2018 – Dreams of coming war! Ready yourself 1h 2m 160mb MP4

28/7/2018 – Dreams/Word: Sudden evil coming, Jesus is the only refuge! Men’s hearts will fail in fear! 40m 104mb MP4

23/7/2018 – The Lord Jesus loves you so much! Please come to Him! 53m 194mb MP4

17/7/2018 – Are you ready to see the Lord? Submit to Him! Refining dreams and spiritual battle! MP4 2h 53m 496mb MP4

9/7/2018 – Two of the worst false teachings in the churches! Beware and be warned! MP4 1h 11m 282 mb

8/7/2018 – Beware the leaven of the Pope! And Catholic idol worship MP4 37m 138mb

6/7/2018 – Dream: Obama attack, huge tsunami, spiritual threats and refining 26m 68mb MP4

3/7/2018 – Dream: The world will worship demons when they come in the flesh! 19m 49mb MP4

2/7/2018 – Dream: Antichrist Obama overwhelms/silences all other voices, totalitarian rule 15m 39mb MP4

17/6/2018 – Dreams: Prideful Christians, Remnant who loves Jesus remains, Cursed demonic items, Deception  27m 85mb MP4

16/6/2018 – The earth is flat and why it matters! 1h 19m 206mb MP4

13/6/2018 – Dreams: Alien deception, all faith church, satanism in Catholic church, meteor strike, demon attack 36m 96mb MP4

13/6/2018 – The hatred against Israel and Christians grows! 42m 100mb MP4

10/6/2018 – Dream: Demons will war against those on earth, our love of Jesus will overcome! (GRAPHIC discussion) 21m 56mb MP4

7/6/2018 –  Dream: Fake Jesus and the nephilim/giants returning (GRAPHIC discussion) 29m 75mb MP4

4/6/2018 – Dream/Word: “The sea shall split, an earthquake for judgment on North America” WARNING! MP4 10m 27mb

3/6/2018 – Fear the Lord and do not sin! Submit to the will of God! 1h 3m 168mb MP4

2/6/2018 – Dream: Unforgiveness, the evil lurking within 27m 69mb MP4

2/6/2018 – Christian Exodus  44m 114mb MP4

31/5/2018 – Dreams: Crypto update, Reddcoin (RDD), Electroneum (ETN), Stellar Lumens (XLM) 11m 29mb MP4

31/5/2018 – Dream: Credits roll, JESUS saves, rapture when missiles fall? 15m 39mb MP4

15/5/2018 – Dream from God: Reddcoin (RDD) suddenly spiking to over $3! Be ready! 27m 71 mb MP4

2/5/2018 – Dreams: “The cup of sin of mankind is overflowing!”, depravity and lawlessness 38m 100mb MP4

1/5/2018 – Dreams: China declares war on Australia, demons/zombies, keep praying! 33m 85mb MP4

24/4/2018 – Reddcoin (RDD) dreams from the Lord – going up! 15m 39mb MP4

18/4/2018 – Electroneum (ETN) Update and Timing Clarification 15m 39mb MP4

8/4/2018 – Songs to the Lord! 17m MP3    MP4

6/4/2018 – Prepare yourself for what is coming! Spiritually, mentally, physically! 42m MP4

6/4/2018 – “WOE TO THE LAND FOR ITS SIN! SOUND THE ALARM!” Dreams from the Lord 26m MP4

12/3/2018 – Pre-trib rapture or not, hold fast in the Lord Jesus! 18m MP4

12/3/2018 – Be holy as He is holy! Get right with God! 27m MP4

12/3/2018 – Do NOT take the mark of the beast RFID microchip!!! 12m  MP4

12/3/2018 – JESUS CHRIST, the name above all names! 7m MP4

12/3/2018 – Dreams: The Strength of Faith! Nuclear/demon dreams 19m MP4

4/3/2018 – Crypto Dreams Update: LTC to $750/850, BTC $12,200 to $4,850, BTC $30/35k to $2k to $60k  20m MP4

25/2/2018 – Crypto dreams – BTC $12,200 to $4,850, LTC surge to $400, PPT, Dow Crash to 11-12k 20m 51mb MP4

26/1/2018 – Song from Lord Jesus! Loving Him will satisfy our hearts through ALL! 14m 36mb MP4

26/1/2018 – Updated Crypto dreams from God – 30k BTC to 2k! Jan 30 to Feb 30 Market Crash (fulfilled) 21m 56mb MP4

16/1/2018 – REPENT OR PERISH! 35m 97mb  MP4

5/1/2018 – Recent Dreams of Spiritual Battle, Nuclear attacks Australia 34m 90mb MP4

4/1/2018 – JESUS IS GOD! 1h 3m 176mb MP4

15/12/2017 – Dream from God – Crypto Electroneum (ETN) will do EXCEEDINGLY well! 16m 44mb  MP4 (video) download link  and detailed instructions PDF link on how to buy ETN

This is about two dreams I received from the Lord, and is NOT financial advice, follow at your OWN RISK! This is the case with all cryptocurrency related videos!

16/11/2017 – Dream – The Lord is your strength! 12m MP3 MP4

2/11/2017 – Demons Are Coming Upon the Earth! Be Ready to Flee! Free Survival PDF! 1h 7m 93mb   MP3

MP4 (video) 180mb

19/10/2017 – Testimony and Discussion for the Days Ahead! 86mb 1h 3m

12/10/2017 – Are you under the GRIP OF EVIL? You can BREAK FREE!!! 59mb 43m

20/9/2017 – Dark times are COMING! Prepare for tribulation! Rapture dream! 44mb 32m

20/9/2017 – Prayer Request! Coming Massive USA East Coast Tsunami! 12mb 10m

9/9/2017 – So Obama really is the antichrist!?  35mb 25m

27/8/2017 – THE END IS UPON US!!! What you NEED to know!!! MP3 (audio) 86mb 1h 2m

MP4 version (audio and video) 163mb


12/8/2017 – “Heavenly Father” song 7m 10mb

23/7/2017 IMPORTANT – How to FIGHT against Demons!! Recent Dreams, Spiritual BATTLE!! 48m

23/7/2017 – Be READY to FLEE!! Martial Law/Troops Round Up Dreams, Spiritual Attacks! 24m

9/7/2017 – Repent and believe in Jesus Christ! Time is running OUT!! 38m 88mb

25/6/2017 – PURIFY YOURSELF before the Lord! Judgment is IMMINENT!!! 2h 16m  103mb

MP4 (audio and video) 350mb

28/5/2017 – Recent Dreams, Casting Out Demons! Growing in Faith! Songs of Worship!  1h 20m 184mb

22/4/2017 – Gotham Shield 2017 – Drill for Nuclear Blast/Tsunami in NYC/Financial District? 28m 38mb

13/4/2017 – WW3 WILL soon be be upon us!!! Ready yourself in Christ!!  47m 64mb

7/4/2017 – Book of Enoch! “Aliens” are Demonic Fallen Angels, Lies of satan, Our Spiritual Enemy! 53m 74mb

26/3/2017 – JESUS IS GOD! – Christ Deniers be Warned! The Great Tribulation Is Here!  1h 41m 139mb

11/2/2017 – My 30 Dreams of Natural Disasters and Demons! 1h 44m 230mb

29/1/2017 – My 7 dreams on the coming WW3! 44m 102mb

24/1/2017 – Biblical End Times Summary and HOW TO PREPARE! Pt. 5 20m 47mb

23/1/2017 – Biblical End Times Summary and HOW TO PREPARE! Pt. 4 23m 53mb

20/1/2017 – Biblical End Times Summary and HOW TO PREPARE! Pt. 2 21m 48mb

17/1/2017 – Biblical End Times Summary and HOW TO PREPARE! Pt. 1 19m 45mb

21/12/2016 – Song “Higher Star” 15.43mb

8/11/2016 – Song “Brother” 14.82mb

1/11-2016  – Song “Never Abandon You” 9.47mb

2/10/2016Warning! World Economic Collapse, Extreme Earth Changes, FREE PDF Survival Book 21m  29mb



1. This document was initially uploaded on 17th August 2016 and is a PDF Survival Book containing a useful Item List for self-sufficiency and discussion on Survival Topics and Techniques. Note that the items contained in this booklet  are useful survival items but more describing for a homestead or survival group. If you are forced to leave your home/area then you cannot take your items with you. The most important items to prepare are an emergency Leave On Foot Backpack (LOFB), food and water. Please read the PDF below, number 5, which shows the items to prepare at HIGHER priority. The rest of this document contains important survival discussion. The document is 58 pages long and will take 1-3 hours to read. You can print the document double sided, put several alternating plastic pockets around the document and keep flat and secure for later reference, if needed.

17th August 2016 Survival Book including Item List and Survival Discussion Updated version 21.10.2017:


2. This document was uploaded on 18th November 2016 and is an Item List for a “Leave On Foot Backpack (LOFB) or LOF bag. This is a backpack containing essential items that can be used and relied on if having to leave on foot in a serious emergency for an unknown period of time.

The items listed fit together in a 50-70 litre backpack and was designed so that the equipment you take with you, combined with your skills, knowledge, determination and improvisation can assist you in being self-sufficient and surviving in a long term emergency. See the link below.

18th November 2016 “Leave On Foot” Bag, or LOF bag:


9 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. I would like to read your survival book but when I click on the picture of the book, there is no active link..? I do not see a link it anywhere else either..? Can you tell me where I may go to find a link to your book or send me a link thru my email.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hi Fabian. Sorry about the difficulty of finding it. The link is at Number 4 above. Copy and paste the link and you will be able to download it from Mediafire. Hope it works, thanks!

  2. Dear Chris, I like to listen to some of your videos but most of them are very long. Can’t you produce shorter videos for10, 20, 30 minutes, so more people can listen? I have two websides and I think people like to hear or read small videos or articles.
    Thank you for the understanding.

  3. Hi Christopher,

    I’m an Australian, Old lady sister. Heard your latest insight … wondering if you could manage some purchase of e for me. My email …

  4. In your sample prayer of salvation, many are not able to receive Him. There is one thing that stands in the way and is rarely addressed by Christians when helping others come to Christ. “They need to forgive any and all people for things that have happened in their lives by others, friends and family’s lives by others and any offense that is not forgiven and released to God”. That is easier said than done sometimes. Cruelty runs deep and it sometimes requires the person receiving Christ to ask Jesus for help even before they even say the sinners prayer.

    1. Very good point Steve, I’ve made a video about unforgiveness and that we are required to forgive. I will look at adding a part to the end of my videos mentioning this. Thank you. May God bless you.

  5. Hello Christopher,
    could you tell me how to download the survival book & item list & discussions?
    I don’t see a link to download it.
    God bless, sir!
    Christopher charry

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