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This is a place where you can post any dreams you have received that you feel may be from the Lord and may be prophetic. People are free to post any dreams/visions they receive and to comment as well.

I’ve had a lot of dreams of the coming times, world war, societal collapse, natural disasters, demons coming upon the earth and I believe strongly these are warnings by the Lord Jesus of His coming judgment upon the earth, the beginning of sorrows and the great tribulation are at our doorstep!

I have received dreams warning me of certain events to come, that I believe are warnings from the Lord of the times ahead. These dreams are what I have received, and to me are warning of what WILL HAPPEN (I do believe it, as it is supported by what is said to come in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, prophesied in The Revelation of Jesus Christ). I believe all of the things listed will occur.  What the Word of God says I believe will be coming, and many of the dreams I have had are said to be coming in the Word of God, so they are supported by scripture. I have received the following warnings (and others) in dreams:

  • World war three is imminent (I don’t know when)
  • Invasion of USA by Russia and Asian forces
  • Troops including UN troops rounding up people for imprisonment/extermination
  • Implementation of the mark of the beast RFID microchip. Those who receive this CANNOT be saved and will go to hell for eternity.
  • Invasion of Australia by Chinese and Asian troops, roundups and extermination.
  • Nuclear missile strike on the US
  • Nuclear missile strikes on Australia by Chinese and North Korean missiles
  • Economic collapse, societal panic, lawlessness
  • Demonic possession and real physical demons and monsters coming upon the earth
  • Alien invasion (they are really demons, even the supposedly good ones, they are all fallen angel demons!) in flying saucers all over the world. Fallen angels/demons coming upon the earth.
  • People worshiping demons and fallen angels who will come in the flesh on the earth.
  • Nephilim (giants) returning upon the earth to destroy
  • Huge tsunamis on coastlines
  • Meteors, burning hot sun, rivers of water from the sky
  • Fighting against demons in the name of Jesus Christ
  • 50m high tsunami striking New York City (US East coast), 50m high rolling down the streets, pray to lessen the height is the message I got!
  • Huge earthquake and massive tsunami off the coast of North Carolina, East Coast USA
  • Oroville dam in the US failing, emptying and flooding all downstream.

Here are the links to some of the dreams I have experienced. I believe they are warnings of the coming days. I have uploaded them on my youtube channel JESUSisLORD, here are the links to some (check my other videos on youtube for others), also check the Biblical Tribulation page:

The world is growing more evil and turning away from God, all of these things are prophesied in the Bible to occur in the end days, the days in which we are living in.

If you have any dreams you would like to post, feel free and even if they may seem small or insignificant to you, if you get the feeling you want to share then please post and share.

May you repent of you sins and confess your faith in Jesus Christ with all your heart and draw near to Him our only Saviour.

May the Lord our God bless you and His peace be with you. Amen. Your brother, Christopher.

16 thoughts on “Dreams and Discussion Forum”

  1. I had lots of the same dreams you have had.
    I don’t comment on youtube any more, too many attacks.
    If you send me your email I will tell you about them. I live in U. S
    I listen to your video, and it was so scarey, cuz I had the same dreams.

  2. Hy again Chris, it’s “Andreus” again; my name is actually Vlad, I am from Romania, I just put a random name on the youtube account that I made.
    Today I just had a very unpleasant surprise from my 5 month old dog; I had my tent set up in my yard and she torn away quite a large section of it… Now I am struggling to fix it all again but I dont know exactly how to stitch it propperly and what matterials to use… I would send you some pictures of how it looks now but I dont think it whould be that important… basically she ripped off a section of the outer layer that has one of the fixing points for grounding, also that side layring has been torn from the bottom halfway to the top…

    1. Hi Andreus, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I would recommend braided fishing line for thread, 15 or 20lb, and large eyelet hand sewing needles and a pair of pliers. This can stitch up a tent or other tough materials like leather really well and securely. You can use thin rope (inner strand of paracord) as well or strong thread. Hope it goes alright.

  3. The 15th of March 2015 I arrived very tired in Vientiane, capital City of Laos. I was so tired, so I asked the Lord: how Long I have to do this work? I’m streetmissionary, in the last years the Lord brought me to 74 countries to warn people. I had a dream this night: I saw a big catastrophe, New York was destroyed beside other places and the Lord said: when this catastophe comes, you have 7 more years. I think these 7 years will be the time of the Antichrist.

    1. Thank you very much Catherine for sharing! I am glad you are working in street ministry and doing the Lord’s will that He has for you. Interesting aout the coming destruction you saw and the timing of 7 years. May God bless you.

  4. Hi Chris!

    I dreamed That I was in my bedroom with my husbandand suddenly the door opened very slowly and a female lion entered, I knew in my dream that if I raised my voice and told them to get out the would eat me, I just stared at it while it was just smelling everything and then at least three more came in but I wasnt exactly sure what where they, female lions or tigers. I stood up of the bed just wachting how they where like smelling or searching for something and at the same time I was thinking in God, but I knew they where dangerous, so I started praying on God but I was so scared, so I started to talk to them like if they where todlers telling them in the softest and lovely way to get out and cuddleing them as they passed there tails through my legs just like cats, and as I talked I was asking Jesús to help me. They left slowly.

    But I felt that Jesús didnt help me in that very moment, for a split second I didnt know what to do, think nor speak I was so scared to even breath.

    At last, when they left, I woke up and even, my heart was still pounding, though in the dream I felt that Jesús didn´t help me, when I woke up, ,I knew that just thinking of Him I did something to help.

    Forgive my writings.

    A sister in Christ from Mexico.

    1. Thank you sister Xochilt for sharing this dream! I am glad you thought of Jesus in that moment in the dream. I have had many encounters with demons in my dreams and always persisting in thinking and praying to Jesus has delivered me from this spiritual adversary. We are told the devil walks about like a lion seeking whom he may devour. I hope for you sister. May God bless you.

  5. Hi Chirs
    I spoke to you on youtube about my website and putting lots of peoples same dreams .Looks like youve already done this here pretty much .great website brother Im so glad Im not the only one seeing the dreams. SO what city are you in?
    Kind Regards

  6. Hello Brother Christopher,

    Your video about the 7 dreams you had really woke me up. I was already aware about the impending situations regarding the world, however I had since strayed from God… you got my head back into the right place. I can’t thank you enough.

    I am guy around your age in the East Coast. I work in IT and development. Shoot me an email at h.westwood@protonmail.com, I think I can help you in on some things you might not be 100% aware of. The government is intercepting and profiling everything online, and privacy is more important than ever. I could write an article for you or give you some recommendations for privacy online, and in real life. That way you could help your readers with theirs as well. Let me know what you think,

    Peace be with you,


    1. Thanks for your post Heath that’s really cool to hear and glad you focusing more on the Lord. Cool about working in IT, I’m not sure of any needs right now though I will keep in mind what you mentioned. The Lord be with you. Christopher.

  7. I just woke up from a dream @ 5:28 pm. 4th of July! Idaho…USA… I saw women 3 very vivid dressed in grey T-shirt (the older heavy set short grey haired one) and a30 ish aged one with pony tails up high above her ears like a little girl wears. She was jumping around like a cheerleader waiting to start a commotion. They all had grey tops and PURPLE ribbons worn ad choker necklaces.

  8. I’ve had many dreams where I’ve been pushed around by invisible forces – shoved into walls, etc. I had a dream a few years back where many people were running and demons were attacking them (kind of like a herd of animals and lions coming in at the edges to take out those on the edges). Christ was there and I fell at his feet and he lifted me up and told me I had the power to fight the demons. After this I would hold up my right hand and light would come from it and strike the demons and they would fall away.

    I had another dream where a very tall tower up on a cliff or ridge (I got the impression this was our pride or arrogance) was struck by a giant asteroid/meteor and after that gravity was sort of reversed and people were falling up/off the earth except for a select few who were encased in a green glow. I was looking at my own hands which were glowing and I was admiring the glow and I wasn’t falling “up”, and someone came near to me similarly glowing and said “Don’t look at it.” Later on I have come to understand that I was being proud that I was being protected or saved from the calamity.

    I also had a dream that I will never forget – I was in a church and walking down the aisle between the pews looking for a place to sit. A woman? slid over to make room for me. I had in my hands the laptop bag I would carry back and forth to work. She? told me to set down my burden/bag and then she? put her arms around me. She? was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I felt such love and compassion pouring off her? that I was crying. I woke up from that dream crying. I have every detail in that dream still etched in my mind and it’s been probably 10 years. I say she? because it seemed like an angel with female features but I am not quite sure.

    I haven’t shared these with anyone other than my wife and very close friends but I thought maybe this could be a forum to do so.

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