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Greetings and Introduction

My name is Christopher Harris. I am an Australian Bible believing Christian who believes in and serves the Lord God Jesus Christ. I receive prophetic dreams from God about the days ahead, of God’s judgment, which are confirmed in God’s word from the Holy Bible. I also receive dreams from the Lord regarding cryptocurrency, as God has directed His people who believe to invest into certain coins that they may be blessed and do the will of God with financial resources. As God led me I created a Luna Classic (LUNC) Validator to help bring about God’s plan for LUNC as He leads me. LUNC is an important cryptocurrency that God has shown me to invest in that will bless God’s people, and I share my dreams for others who also want to invest in faith in the hope of the prophetic promise.

For more information about my LUNC Validator you can read more here. You can see the other pages on my website discussing the Biblical Tribulation, Financial Collapse, Earth Changes, Survival Knowledge, Dreams and Discussion, and Downloads where you can find backup MP4 files of my Youtube videos.

I have a Youtube channel JESUSisLORD where I have shared prophetic dreams and post new videos when God leads me. I also have a Telegram group for prophetic dreams, a Telegram group for my Validator, a Twitter account for my validator, and a general enquiry contact email of Chris@survivetheearthchanges.com and my LUNC validator specific contact email is JESUSisLORDvalidator@pm.me


– I am a Bible believing Christian who believes the Holy Bible is the word of the living God and is the truth.

– I believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and is the only begotten Son of God, is the Word of God and is God, and manifested on the earth in the flesh, born of a virgin, who led a sinless life and died for our sins on the cross, atoning for all sin, and gives salvation to all who believe in Him and repents of their sins. I believe that Jesus Christ is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, is Lord, God and King of all the heavens and the earth and is one with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

– I believe Jesus Christ is the only Saviour for mankind and without faith in Him and repentance (asking God to forgive you for your sins) there is no atonement for your sins against God by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and when you die you will go to hell, the lake of fire to be tormented for all eternity in hellfire as God’s word states.

– I believe the only way to God the Father is through Jesus Christ, and the only way to eternal life is by receiving the flesh (the word of God/the bread of life) and blood (the New Covenant for the remission of sins) of Jesus Christ by having faith in Him, inviting Him to be the Lord of your life and following Him, receiving the Holy Spirit of God and being born again by the sacrifice of our Lord who died to save and redeem our souls from death back to Him.

– I believe this world is under judgment from God for its sin and rebellion, and the judgment of God will soon pour out upon the nations in accordance with Bibilcal prophecy.

– I believe we are living in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ, and the days before the great tribulation as prophesied in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the final chapter of the Bible.

– I believe that the devil (Satan) is real and is a fallen angel from heaven, and he and other angels rebelled against God and are the fallen angel demons, with their offspring the nephilim (giants), and are our real and true spiritual enemy. I believe demons and devils will be coming upon the earth during the tribulation as we are taught in the Bible.

– I stand for my Holy Saviour, my Master, my Lord, God and King Jesus Christ. He is the Saviour and Messiah for all on earth. I follow Him and seek to abide in Him and do His will now and forever.

– I believe that God made the heavens and the earth and all creation in seven literal days, making man in His image, male and female, who all inhabitants descended from. I believe in the Biblical flood and the full testimony of the Holy Bible. I believe in a Biblical earth model with a firmament and deny many of the lies of scientism and what we are taught in the world. I believe the earth is flat and immovable, resting on pillars, and contained in a hard firmament dome as the Lord created it and as His Word teaches us. I believe the sun and moon and stars are lights and are contained in the firmament which circle around the firmament. I believe that truth, wisdom and knowledge is from God and that the wisdom of the world is foolishness. I reject the Satanic lies of evolution, heliocentrism, the big bang, space, sexual immorality movements, all false religions, and anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah).

– I receive many dreams I believe are from the Lord God Jesus Christ that I share regarding what is coming in the future. Please repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ and hold fast in your faith unto your death and you will receive the crown of life and be with God forever and ever (Revelation 2:10)! I believe famine and war, and disaster is coming and advise you prepare physically, mentally and spiritually.

You are welcome to read over the different pages on my websites, to review the videos and material. If you are interested in cryptocurrency you can check out the LUNC Validator page, and pray and ask God about if you want to invest yourself. You can find all kinds of information about LUNC and my validator there. Thank you and God bless you. Christopher.


21 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Chris,
    My name is Shane. I got your website details off one of your Youtube videos. I am a believer like yourself and a Music Artist – aka: Sevensfist (website attached). I live in Oz also, around near Geelong, Vic.
    Just thought i’d write to say halo+:-) And to say keep up the goodwork with your videos and other posts.

    Give me a shout back to say you received this message when you have the time and peace be with you!

    Shane – aka: Sevensfist

    1. Hi Shane! Sorry for the late reply mate. I have downloaded your albums but haven’t had the time to listen to them yet, been busy. That’s really cool you are a believer and into what you are. I read the material on your website it was very well written, especially the things bringing people to the faith! I appreciated your perspectives and helped to develop my own too. Cool you live near Geelong. I’ll send you another message once I’ve checked out your songs, peace brother!

      1. Thank you Lee for linking that, and your website. I will try to have a look and get back to you soon! May God bless you brother. Keep up the work for the Lord!

  2. Good day Christopher. Call me Romano, from the Philippines. Before watching your videos on YouTube I watch the channels of Faulk600, finalcall07, warningthepeople.
    One thing that attracts me to watch your videos is about your dreams, very similar to mine. There was a time in the early 2000s that I dreamt that our country (Philippines) was occupied by Chinese soldiers.
    Last year, if I’m not wrong, I dreamt of playing with a water hose with very strong pressure, I woke up, slept again, finding myself again playing with a garden hose with very strong pressure.

    Sometimes, Dreaming of having sex with girls whom I’m trying to get rid off my mind.

    One time, I was Dreaming of me like working in an animal sanctuary with many Australian animals. I wander, why Australia? I want to go to Japan or Singapore or Illinois, it’s not that I don’t like the country, but why Australia?

    What amazes me, My views about the flat earth, aliens, dinosaurs are reflected in your dreams.

    I also had Several dreams of riding a water vessel or a ship that can travel over land and water.
    Several dreams of me chased by enemies, but many times I’m cornered, and I was forced to fight and beat them all until I wake up.

    Lately I dreamt that I’m riding on a wheel chair and suddenly a group of thugs was chasing me. I’m prepared in that kind of situation even on a wheelchair and ran into a group of women for help. These group of women is my sanctuary. I remembered you talking about group of women who will help. Do you know the answer for this?

    Some of my dreams are kept on repeating but since I don’t know how to interpret them, I want to forget them and move on to my normal life.

    I hope that you can help.
    Thanks be to God.

  3. hey mate, do you go 2 any church and what do they think about your ministry? do you have a church prayng for you?

    1. I don’t go to a church. Not sure what they think too much. Had one man contact me. I don’t know, just individuals and people who see my videos I think. God bless you.

  4. Hi Chris, greetings brother in Christ. Can you please provide more info about your dreams concerning Melbourne. We have been given instructions concerning what to do. But you mentioned in your video and I just wanted to reach out and ask about what you saw please.

  5. Hi brother, can you please tell me more about the dream you had concerning Melbourne. We live in Melbourne and have been given instructions about what to do but curious to hear prophecy as I’ve only ever heard US prophecy. Thank you, Ashleigh

    1. Hi Ashleigh I haven’t made videos about them in detail, only mentions so far. I have seen a series of tsunamis to strike Melbourne with the last one extremely huge. I have seen mandatory vaccines in Australia, in the dream I was arrested for being outside without being vaccinated. First they brought by fines in the dream. I have seen vaccine checkpoint roadblocks in a dream indicating two vaccine doses. I will be discussing these in videos in more detail soon. I have seen China invade Aus, UN in Aus also. God bless you.

  6. Hi Christopher the bitcoin to buy before March and sell before August is Shiba Inu….the transfer of wealth for the Lord’s children to help each other.

    God Bless!

  7. Hi Christopher,
    My name is Jiri and i am czechoslovakian immigrant to United States. I live in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas. I escaped from my country during the cold war in 1985. As you probably know my country was occupied by russians from 1968 till 1993 when the last russian tanks pulled out. The reason i am writing you is i had a similar revelation knowledge/dream by strong impression about the war in Ukraine. My “dream” was in January 2022, two or three weeks before the invasion. I would like to share it with you if you are interested. It confirms much of your revelations about the things to come in Europe.

      1. Hi Christopher, sorry for not replying to you sooner, i just noticed today that you replied to my message. I had to move from Las Vegas to Hawaii, Honolulu. The devil tried to take me out, there was a fire in the house i was staying at in Las Vegas with much damage. But my room stayed intact and i moved out without any loss. Prices in America these days are astronomical for everything, for rent and food, but i am staying now with chinese people in Honolulu.
        The dream i want to share with you is very long, like 5 pages, so i will limit it today just to the beginning of the dream and see what you say. The dream i received was kind of like a download from heaven. During the dream i was asleep only 50%. tossing and turning and perspiring all night. It was more like a revelation knowledge. But i want to first give glory to God and thank Him , Jesus and the Holy Spirit for giving me this revelation. Why me i wonder ? Praise be to God !
        The circumstances of this dream are just as important as the dream itself. When i received the dream , i did not know about you or Anita Alexander. She is a pastor/ prophetess in Australia and you can read her Ukraine war dream on Z3 news called : “Ukraine: The Nation On The Lord’s Lips. Two Dreams.”
        Now the dream. The time was January 2022 and Russia was building a large military presence around Ukraine. 250 000 troops. They called it a military exercise. No one in Ukraine or the Czech Republic actually believed they would invade.
        The Czech president Milos Zeman publicly announced that Russia is not going to invade and its all about an american media propaganda and scaremongering.
        I have two christian friends in the Czech Republic, a married couple Paul and Sarka. The day of the dream, just a few hours earlier, i was sending a text message to Sarka informing her that God is going to use Vladimir Putin to punish EU, Brussels for their corruption, godlessness, bureaucracy and promotion of gay marriage. So i thought. And then i went to sleep. And as i was falling asleep, suddenly these very strong words from God came to me. “It was never my plan neither my will ” I knew exactly what He meant , referring to my text message. I said “What ? ” and then these words followed : “I will use NATO to remove Vladimir Putin from power and Russian Federation will be decimated economically. ” The word decimated was used. I was stunned ! Why Lord ? i asked. ….” Because the time is running out and Russia is supplying the most sophisticated weapons to the enemies of Israel ( Iran, Syria…etc) and at such a fast speed, that in the next military conflict against my people Israel, Israel would loose the war. I knew that meant Zechariah 12 and Isaiah 17 where the Bible speaks of Jakobs flesh will wax lean ( meaning Israel will suffer great losses)
        And then the revelation knowledge continued all night, next day and following night with more details going back to 1948 creation of the state of Israel. I think i received something like 17 mini revelations. I was actually asking God to stop giving me this because i could not retain it any more. I immediately contacted Sarka with such a joy, sharing with her my latest revelations from God, only to find out to be completely rebuked and ridiculed. I found out that they were on the side of Vladimir Putin, strongly opposing NATO, USA, military supplies to Ukraine and so on. Basically totally against me on the other side. I was shocked. So i got quiet and started even thinking that perhaps this dream was not from God…..until ….next day or so i was surfing the internet and by a total accident came across someone called Anita Alexander from Australia sharing the same dream as mine. This all happened before Ukraine was invaded. She said in her article that she was also tossing and turning all night and these words appeared before her ” Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Pray for Ukraine !” and the most amazing news to me was that her dream was on the same night as mine. So i immediately contacted her ministry and shared with her. But i got no answer. I also shared with a few friends in Vegas , but there was not much interest at all. Everybody busy with their own lives, trying to make a living. So i kind of kept it all just to myself. Then one day i was on YouTube and i found you sharing your dreams about Russia invading Poland, Article 5, russian jets faster than british. I was amazed that somebody was sharing this on youtube. Well thank God for you Christopher, may He bless you and keep you ! Numbers 6 :24
        When i escaped from communist Czechoslovakia in the year 1985, i was only 19 years old. My country was occupied by Soviet Union back then. I went to Croatia with my parents to a summer vacation ( by a city called Split and from there i first crossed the country of Slovenia and later the mountains to Austria, where i was accepted into a refugee camp) . In the year 1986 i was granted a permission to enter USA, which i am now a citizen of. My escape lasted a week and so many miracles happened during this time that a book could be written just about that.
        So now a history repeats again, but this time Russia will surely loose, i believe !

        1. Thank you for sharing. Yes shockingly many Christians and Westerners support Putin and champion his cause, believing he is God’s man (WRONG). The Lord told me as I shared on Telegram, Putin will be overthrown. God bless you. Christopher.

          1. Thank you Christopher, its on the news today ….Poland was just attacked by russian missiles and Article 5 being discussed. Just as you were prophesying long ago !

  8. Do you have a news litter ? If you do I would like to receive same and up dates on your crypto dreams and visions .

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