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LUNC Validator


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JESUSisLORD ✝️ Luna Classic (LUNC) Validator

You can see my SolidProof KYC Certificates for both of my validators here.
You can see my validator “JESUSisLORD ✝️ ” on the list of all validators here. We are in the top 10 thank God and Lord willing we will continue to rise! You can also see my new validator (details at #1 below), “JESUSisLORD 2 ✝️”.
INDEX – For an introduction to my 2 LUNC validators see #1. For my JESUSisLORD ✝️ Validator Roadmap see #2. For my Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+ and important background on why I started a validator and prophetic dreams see #3. For how to stake with me see #4 and #5. For how to enable StakeRecover if your wallet got hacked and your LUNC undelegated see #6. For how to enable auto-compounding see #7. For concluding comments and my contact information see #8.

1. Validator Introduction:

JESUSisLORD ✝️ Validator for Luna Classic (LUNC)

JESUSisLORD is a SolidProof KYC Certified enterprise-level non-custodial Luna Classic (LUNC) Validator owned by Christopher Harris, a Bible believing Christian, powered by first-class staking provider Allnodes. Enjoy excellent 99.98% uptimes, high security and decentralisation, and easy auto-compounding via the Allnodes portfolio page.

Validator Technical Information

My validator is under an enterprise plan with Allnodes, and is non-custodial, meaning Allnodes has never seen my operator seed phrase, which is kept securely under encryption. The enterprise plan is the highest-tier available, decentralised over up to 15 servers, has a dedicated standby server, is shielded by 5 Sentry Nodes, has over 99.98% uptime, and has automatic updates.

Enjoy the high security and peace of mind expected from the first-class and professional validator service provider Allnodes. Delegate with JESUSisLORD for top of the line technology, decentralisation, security and service.

Validator Mission

My mission for my validator JESUSisLORD is to fulfill the righteous Christian vision for LUNC as God leads me, and to protect it. I will engage in governance to this end, and work towards fulfilling my Validator Roadmap, and my Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+. I endeavour to communicate with my delegates, and invite all who share my cause to delegate with me, so I can achieve higher voting power and fulfil my validator mission. God bless you. Christopher.

JESUSisLORD 2 ✝️ Validator for Luna Classic (LUNC)

As of 1/2/2024 I launched my second validator JESUSisLORD 2, which is SolidProof KYC Certified. The purpose of this new validator is to offer a lower commission option to my commission sensitive delegates, to attract new delegates, and to increase my voting power to make positive change for LUNC, consistent with the mission for my first validator.

I intend to keep the commission rate of JESUSisLORD 2 at 2% as God led me, and it will remain that way until we reach around 1.5% voting power, where dynamic commission passed by governance will automatically begin to raise it. God led me by dreams to make this additional validator to accelerate growth.

My new validator is secure, non-custodial, with high up-times. It does not have auto-compounding at this time, which is available on my main validator. Feel free to stake with my first validator JESUSisLORD and my second validator JESUSisLORD 2. You can find my second validator in your wallet under the stake section if you scroll down the validator list or search “JESUS”. 

2. JESUSisLORD ✝️ Validator Roadmap – 15 February 2023

“This is the righteous Christian vision for LUNC that I believe in, as God has led me. These points are subject to further advice from the Lord Jesus Christ, discussion, and community wishes, and may be subject to change. I will work towards achieving these following goals with my validator JESUSisLORD, using my voting power for the betterment of LUNC and its investors.

This post serves as a clear communication to my delegators, and the community, of what I hope to be accomplished for LUNC.

I believe the future of LUNC rests in being an important deflationary store of value, a source of continued competitve passive income through staking, and providing every day utility and spending convenience for years to come.

JESUSisLORD Principles/Goals for LUNC

  1. Never allow minting, inflation mechanisms, or reverse splits. LUNC must remain a deflationary coin. We must burn the supply down to a sustainable level and never increase it. We must also fund our basic needs as a chain, such as the community pool and oracle staking rewards pool, without being dependent upon outside funding. We must block dangerous and potentially fatal experiments to the LUNC chain.
  2. Raise the on-chain LUNC burn tax to between 0.4% to 1.5%, and partially exempt dapps to the on-chain tax.
  3. Adjust the upgraded burn AnteHandler (when passed) to send 10% to 30% of the on-chain burn tax directly to the community pool. 90% to 70% will remain solely for burning.
  4. CAP the community pool at between 2 to 6 billion LUNC ($340k to $1.02M USD at price $0.00017, which will be worth much more as LUNC gains in value).
  5. Implement an automatic overflow on the community pool after the CAP is reached, where 100% is sent to the oracle rewards pool. We must fund staking rewards for the long term sustainability of LUNC. By funding the oracle rewards pool we can ensure good staking rewards for years ahead, which will continue to attract more investors.
  6. Lower the staking lockup time to 14 days from 21 days to provide more incentive to stake and more flexibility, while still preserving stability.
  7. Increase gas fees 2x to 10x from current values on all transactions for further funding to the community pool and oracle rewards pool. Gas on withdrawing staking rewards could possibly be exempted from further raises, as increasing this can harm auto-compounding for smaller investors who stake.
  8. Petition Binance to burn their trading fees on USTC. We can pass a governance signalling proposal to this effect. This alone could lead to $1+ USTC within a few years, no dangerous re-peg experiments necessary.
  9. Petition Binance via community efforts to increase their LUNC burning and implement off-chain burn tax higher than 0.1% fees. Assess this after Binance has begun burning again.
  10. Petition via community efforts other exchanges to adopt an off-chain burn tax for LUNC. Whitelist exchanges internal wallets from on-chain tax who agree to an off-chain LUNC burn tax (on buy and sells), such as Kucoin etc.
  11. Promote more adoption of LUNC. This includes petitioning Coinbase to list LUNC, having LUNC available on payment services, having LUNC fully integrated on Ledger Live, having LUNC available on Trezor, having a LUNC debit/credit card so we can easily make payments in LUNC. Invite useful dapps to build on and offer their services on the LUNC chain. Any more beneficial adoption and partnerships should be considered.
  12. Repeal the minimum 5% validator commission proposal #11322 which passed, to allow free-market operation, better choices for delegators, price competition between validators, without unnecessary restrictions. LUNC is a decentralised coin which must have capitalism with minimum restrictions, not socialism/communism.
  13. Meet and exceed technical parity with LUNA V2 but by no means whatsoever merge or pair LUNC to them. LUNC should remain independent, and careful possible use of USTC and other classic coins can be considered.
  14. Continue to reject divisive attacks and toxic individuals who wage war against LUNC and its community.

These are the principles and proposals I believe in and will pursue to accomplish with my validator JESUSisLORD over time, whether days, months or years, as part of fulfilling the righteous Christian vision for LUNC, and to protect it. God has given me many prophetic dreams about LUNC, and I believe LUNC will rise greatly and be very important to the Christian people.

For believers in Christ I encourage you to pray for the fulfillment of the Lord’s will for LUNC for His people, and to pray against the forces of darkness which attack LUNC.

If you agree with my cause you are welcome to delegate with me at JESUSisLORD, and to assist me in achieving higher voting power to influence governance and to achieve these goals. Thank you to all my delegators.

God bless you. Brother in Jesus Christ, Christopher Harris.”

Here is a video explaining my validator roadmap in detail:

You can also find my JESUSisLORD Validator Roadmap – Vision for Luna Classic (LUNC) – 15 February 2023 posted here and on my Twitter here. This is an important statement of my goals for LUNC that I want to accomplish with my validator.

3. Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+

Here is the flowchart for my Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+ published 19 March 2023, which is an important proposal as God led me for the recovery of LUNC and to reach $1+ by the adoption of the 1.2% burn tax for off-chain burning of the supply.

High quality flowchart image download link here.

This plan was posted on the LUNC governance forum at the time called Agora.

Also I made a video detailing my Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+

Here is a 1 hour Youtube Livestream I did explaining the plan and answering questions:

My Vision Plan went for vote on June 1st 2023 but unfortunately failed to pass. I will wait patiently until the Lord leads me and bring the plan again for vote to fulfil what God showed me, and bring the plan to fulfilment. I am committed to the return of the 1.2% burn tax and 1.5% total on-chain tax (1.2% burn and 0.3% to fund the chain) and pushing for off-chain burns.

Background – the following video below details why I believe in LUNC, and how I was led by God to become a validator, and an important discussion on why investing in LUNC is not wrong, but is good, and how the Lord is leading me and many of His people:

Here is a video below where I discuss first launching my validator JESUSisLORD:

Here is a video made on 26/2/2023 of 12 Epic LUNC Prophetic Dreams from God, which shows LUNC’s amazing future

4. Staking Information

Luna Classic (LUNC) is a proof of stake Cosmos chain meaning you can securely stake your LUNC to earn rewards and participate in governance. Your staked LUNC is secure on the blockchain and is in your complete custody. By staking your LUNC with my validator you will earn LUNC and USTC rewards, and contribute to my voting power which I will use in governance. I will vote as I am led by the Lord, but if you disagree with my position on a matter you can cast a manual vote for your LUNC to override my vote, or redelegate to another validator. I endeavour to communicate with my delegators, including in my governance and validator Telegram group linked below providing the reasons for my votes. When you stake your LUNC you immediately earn rewards. The approximate current reward rate per year (APY) can be seen at this link https://validator.info/terra-classic but it’s more accurate to calculate your returns by measuring your rewards over a 24 hour period.

You can re-delegate from another validator to mine at any time without delay, but you can only redelegate once every 21 days so keep that in mind. If you want your staked coins back to sell or move them you must undelegate, this begins a 21 day unbonding period before your coins will appear in your wallet, and during this time you will not earn rewards. This is standard across all validators on the LUNC network. This is the trade-off for staking, you earn rewards and can participate in governance, but there is a 21 day wait when you undelegate. I support reducing this time period to 14 days. For that reason staking is considered for longer term holding. You can withdraw your rewards at any time immediately to use them.

5. How to Stake LUNC

My preferred wallet is using the Terra Station mobile app (on Android or IOS) which is secure and user friendly. First download the Terra Station mobile app from the app store. Then go to CONNECT in the top right corner and choose + Add a Wallet. Then select New Wallet. Then enter your wallet name with no capital letters, a password for your wallet (you will enter this every time you make a transaction), and write down your Mnemonic on paper, which is your 24 word seed phrase. This is your master key to your wallet that you must keep safe and securely hidden and not lose it. You can laminate this, or alternatively for advanced users you can store it on multiple password encrypted USB’s. Do not store your seed phrase on your phone or on any electronic devices, and do not give out your seed phrase. Select Submit and confirm the next step to verify and your wallet will be created.

Next select MORE in the bottom right corner, then Settings, then choose Network and choose Classic. Then go back to the WALLET section at the bottom left corner of the app. Then select your wallet name in the top right corner.  Then you will see your wallet address starting with “Terra1…” Copy this and this is your public address for depositing LUNC into your wallet from an exchange. Buy LUNC on a crypto exchange and send it to your wallet, ensuring to send a small test transaction first to ensure it arrives safely.

Once you have LUNC in your wallet to stake, go to the STAKE section at the bottom of the app, then scroll down the list of validators, select JESUSisLORD ✝️ or JESUSisLORD 2 ✝️ validator (both are mine), or search JESUS in the search bar to find me. Then scroll down on my validator and select Delegate, and delegate as much LUNC as you want with me (minus 100 LUNC for gas fees) and enter your password and Confirm. Make sure you always leave aside at least 100 LUNC in your wallet to pay for gas fees, otherwise you won’t be able to pull rewards or send LUNC until you add more LUNC in your wallet. Once staked you will immediately start earning rewards. You can see your staked LUNC under the STAKE section under Delegations. You can add more LUNC to your stake at any time. Any adding LUNC will automatically pull existing rewards. You can withdraw rewards at any time. Remember it’s a 21 day wait time to undelegate your LUNC. You can redelegate to me from another validator instantly without any wait time, but you can only redelegate once every 21 days.

If you are using the Station website wallet with browser extension for desktop at station.money or station.terra.money, to stake with me ensure your settings are on Classic, select Stake, select Luna Classic, select Manual Stake, then search JESUSisLORD and then delegate.

My validator is also listed on Trust Wallet and you can stake with me there on Android or iphone. To do so, select LUNC, then select Stake, select Validator, then scroll down and select JESUSisLORD, then stake your coins. You will immediately start earning rewards.

For instructions on how to stake LUNC with me using Ledger hardware wallet (Nano S or X), you can see this detailed PDF with instructions and pictures here.

To summarise for staking with me on Ledger, you setup your Ledger, back up your seed phrase, connect Ledger to Ledger Live and install the Terra wallet. This will give you your LUNC address which will generate on the Ledger. Then download Terra Station wallet, and connect your Ledger. Ensure your settings are set to Classic under the wallet. Then deposit LUNC to your address, send a test amount first. Once it arrives safely, send the rest. Then search under stake for JESUSisLORD and delegate your LUNC with me, confirm transaction on your Ledger.

You can see a list of all LUNC validators and their voting power, including my own, and their ranking out of #130 here https://terraclassic.stakebin.io/terra/validators.

6. LUNC Stake Recovery Service – if you want protection encase your wallet gets hacked or even if you are attacked and are forced to give your wallet details, if the attacker/hacker undelegates your stake, then Allnodes can initiate a recovery service to save your coins and take them back the moment the 21 day undelegation period ends.  If you register in advance of any undelegation (hack) with Allnodes, you can choose the free simple recovery option or the premium recovery for only a 5% fee of your holdings (discounted for my delegates from 10%). The premium recovery is broadcast over multiple nodes to have the best chance to beat the hacker and recover your coins. If you register your stake after the undelegation (hack) there is no free option, but the premium fee is 10% for my delegates (instead of 15%). The discount StakeRecover is only available on my first validator JESUSisLORD ✝️.

To register your stake (which also let’s you access auto-compounding, see #7 below for that), go to Allnodes.com and signup (I recommend enabling two-factor authentication). Then go to your portfolio page, and select Monitor, then add your wallet public address. That’s it your stake is now added to your Allnodes portfolio. If you are ever hacked, you can select your stake and choose stake recover, then select the available recovery option (premium has highest chance of recovery), and Allnodes will attempt to recover your stake right at the point the 21 day undelegation period ends. Follow any instructions from Allnodes. You can use the Telegram bot from Allnodes to give you alerts for the stake recover. Just search @allnodesbot in Telegram search, and add this bot. Then follow the instructions to link your Allnodes account. Then you will receive updates on the stake recover process.

This is a great service and gives you peace of mind to protect your LUNC holdings from hackers and attackers. Allnodes has also provided an information page about the stake recover service here. My stake is registered and I use this service for convenience and in case of emergency.

For general security I also recommend you use a strong firewall/anti-virus for all your devices (including phones) such as Bitdefender Total Security which I use, to protect your crypto holdings from hacks. Always use two-factor authentication if available such as google authenticator, and you can backup your codes on an old phone. Also be cautious of scammers contacting you impersonating exchanges, wallets, and even myself (this is a big problem already). I will never PM you to ask you for your seed phrase or that you move your LUNC to a new wallet. That is a scam, block and report them. Do your own research and be cautious to protect your LUNC from the enemy.

7. Easy LUNC Auto-Compounding of Staking Rewards – this is available for delegates to my first validator JESUSisLORD ✝️, it is not available on my second validator JESUSisLORD 2 ✝️. To enable auto-compounding first signup with Allnodes.com (I recommend enabling two-factor authentication). Then go to your portfolio page (home page), select MONITOR, then put your public LUNC address of your wallet where you stake with my validator, you can find that under your wallet name in Terra Station (if you want to know how to stake with me see #5 above). Once your stake has been added, then select the 3 little dots next to your stake. Then select enable auto-compounding. Then connect your wallet, either by mobile Terra Station, browser Station, Keplr, or Ledger (Trust Wallet is not supported for auto-compounding), and then authorise in your wallet, and now your auto-compounding is enabled! Auto-compounding only will work if you have your whole stake with my JESUSisLORD ✝️ validator. If you have your stake split over multiple validators you will need to redelegate all to mine before you can enable auto-compounding. Redelegating is immediate but can only be done once every 21 days.

You can cancel auto-compounding at anytime. This is a great service which allows you to set and forget and every day your LUNC staking rewards are pulled (if they have at least 1,000 LUNC in rewards) and are automatically added to your stake. Your USTC rewards will not auto-compound and will accrue in your wallet. This increases your annual percentage returns (APR), and let’s your LUNC investment build while you can be hands-off. Enjoy this convenience and service provided to my delegates! Also since you added your stake for auto-compounding, you will also receive the discounted premium stake recover service my JESUSisLORD ✝️ delegates receive (see #6 above for details) if you ever have a compromised wallet.

8. Conclusion and Contact Information

Thank you for delegating with me and supporting my validator. I will continue to strive to do as my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ leads me, including with my validator. I will endeavour to do my best to fulfill the righteous Christian vision for LUNC, and to protect it. I ask all Christians to pray against the forces of darkness who attack LUNC, and to pray that the will of the Lord for LUNC for God’s people be done. God bless you. Christopher Harris.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @ForTheCross_CH

Email: JESUSisLORDvalidator@pm.me

Telegram: JESUSisLORD – LUNC Validator https://t.me/JESUSisLORDValidator

JESUSisLORD – Christopher Harris – Prophetic Dreams and Visions

Youtube: @JESUSisLORD

I have crypto deposit addresses listed on the downloads page which the Lord told me to make available. These are if you want to freely give me a gift. God bless you. Christopher.